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Justcloud Review – Is Justcloud REALLY Suitable For You ?

Here is the unbiased truth about Justcloud review. Many claim that Justcloud service is SUCKs and is a SCAM but let me tell you, they are using it the wrong way. You can’t buy a car and expect it to take into F1 race, right ?

Read on, I will review the truth about Justcloud storage.

Justcloud Review

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Who Developed Justcloud ?

Founded in year 2010 by a company named Just Develop It. Justcloud service has become one of the rapidly expanding provider in cloud storage world. The company provides a lot of great features along side with large cloud storage capacity. You will find it easy to use even if you are not one of the computer geek.

Justcloud offers exclusive features with budgeted price. Many individuals are opted for this product because it is simply worth the money. Their plan is very straight forward, all you need to do is decide on the cloud storage capacity you needed.

Let’s look further to my Justcloud review after I have subscribed with them…

How Justcloud Works ?

Justcloud is determine to provide you with a simple, fast and secure cloud storage. So that, you able to store all your files in the cloud today, and access them from anywhere at anytime.

You have to install a small application in your desktop to constantly backed up your files to the cloud. After the initial backed up is done, you can access them anytime regardless what device you are using, as long as it is connected to the Internet.

Click “Play” the watch the video !

How Justcloud Works ?

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Justcloud Review : What Is So GOOD About Justcloud ?

I have been using for Justcloud service until today. I am subscribing to their Premium Plan. So far, I am pretty satisfied with their overall performance. I have to admit that, I am using as an Individual and keeping my personal stuff and my one-man-show company data.

I understand that, there are critics saying that Justcloud is not the best in the market. As I mention earlier, you can’t buy a normal car and expect to take it into F1 race. Probably they are using it for the wrong purpose.

As applauded by Justcloud, this service is perfect for personal use or small companies requiring access the file sharing and storing data.

1) Well Designed Features

I find Justcloud is giving the useful features to users. You are able to sync all your files across your computers and devices. Is not a problem even if you choose to browse, access and backup all your files from your mobile.

As I need to collaborate my work with my colleague, file sharing save me a lot of time and effort. I can have the option of sharing large files with my colleague without hassle. Good things is, Justcloud has well integrated with social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Email. I can invite anyone I want using my own custom link.

All these features already attached together with the plan with no extra charge. Some of the provider may charge you for different kind of features. Here are the features list from Justcloud :

  • Free signup, you can immediate enjoy cloud storage benefits
  • Unlimited online storage space
  • Easy file sharing, privately or publicly
  • Easy access to your files anytime, anywhere
  • Able to connect multiple devices per single user access
  • Bank-grade 256 bit encryption
  • Automated or scheduled backup
  • Drag and drop to backup
  • Mobile apps supported, iphone, ipad, android and blackberry
  • Windows, Mac and Linux compatible
  • Find your lost laptop
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Etc, etc.

I am not going to explain every single feature in details. If you need to read the full feature list, please go here. However, there are two features which I am interested to elaborate further on:

  • Exclusive Drag and Drop Backup :

Drag and drop backup method is one of the feature offered by Justcloud service. All you need to do is to highlight the files you want to backup towards the corresponding drag and drop window on your Justcloud control panel. Is all done ! Simple as ABC. The backup process will trigger automatically and you can move on to others things.

The cool thing is, you don’t have to install anything on your device to do it. You can backup your stuff from any device you want. All you need to do is login thru you web browser.

Drag and drop enable you to backup anything that includes external drive, remote storage, USB storage, pen-drive, etc. Justcloud did not set the file limitation on it. For those claiming Justcloud is up-selling, I am sure they are not truly understand this service.

Justcloud features drag and drop

  • File Sharing and File Collaboration :

As I am running a small company with a few freelancers, basically we have to collaborate a lot with our work. Often, I am NOT accessing my work in my desktop or laptop. My freelancer will just upload the work to the shared folder, I open up the file in front of my customer as if I am the one who do it. Ever since I signed up with Justcloud service, it safes me a lot of hassle and certainly brought up my image as an entrepreneur. Cool, isn’t it ?

All I need is just an Internet connection and I can access my files anywhere I go. Justcloud will prepare a sync folder for you when you download the apps or install the desktop application. Not to worry, if you are using Mac OSX, Windows or even Linux, Justcloud supported all the major operating platform.

If you are constantly collaborating on documents or large file size with your colleague, boss or customer, I am sure that you will find this feature a savior !

Cloud Storage Features

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2) Justcloud is Free to Use

Yes, Justcloud is FREE TO USE at no condition.

I am not kidding. I was once a doubter like you, not until you register yourself here. What you need to do is just provide them with a valid email address and you are done. It is simple, no scam, no obligation, no personal information required, no credit card details required, no survey, nothing ! Just a valid email address and you are set to start your first cloud storage backup immediately !

You can enjoy Justcloud service trial account for 14 days !

Justcloud free trial
If you are backing up your files from your desktop, you need to download a small application and install it to your desktop. Just run the installation file, and Justcloud will complete the necessary settings for you. Is so easy, even my grandma knows how to do it.

Here is the screen shot..

Justcloud download

Even though you just signed up with trial account, you are able to enjoy the full features that I mention above. Unlike many others, you can’t use their full features until you have become their customer.

Personally, I feel Justcloud has provide a very good customer experience to those who new to cloud storage and looking to store personal things. There is no difference between a trial account and a paid account except storage spaces.

During trial period, you will have 15MB of free space to use, which I personally think is enough to store your documents and experience the service. You can have the summary view of your Justcloud backup status from the dashboard panel.

Justcloud panel

Justcloud Free Account

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3) Affordable Pricing and Plan

Once you have registered yourself with Justcloud, you can start to store your file in the cloud. You can test the software for 14 days before you decide to continue with them or trash them to recycle bin.

I am here to emphasize that, you can have the full access to Justcloud features even though you are just a trial customer. Justcloud is transparent on this.

Justcloud offers 3 plan for you. It is easy to understand, like I stated earlier, the only things you have to decide is how many storage space you want:

Plan TypeStorage SpaceYou find yourself herePricing
Home75GB spaceBasic user needs to store personal files such as pictures, songs and documentsfrom just $6.95/mo
Premium250GB spaceAdvance user needs to keep large files such as movies editing, raw pictures file, design images, etcfrom just $7.95/mo
UnlimitedUnlimited spaceUltimate user that needs to store the whole world of data online. Just Dumb all your files from your computer into it.from just $9.95/mo

If you decide to subscribe with them now, you will notice the 20% discount during sign up, but WAIT ! Read on… You will find more offer. If you can’t wait to claim your discount, just click here for your exclusive Justcloud discount link.

justcloud plan and pricing

The most popular plan from Justcloud is Justcloud Premium Plan. This popular plan offers 250GB online storage space. My advice for you is to start with the Premium plan. If you need unlimited storage space, you can always choose to upgrade.

Justcloud plan is affordable and easy to understand. No hidden clause. This is why they emerge to become one of the fastest growing storage company in the market. Now you don’t need to worry about losing your data and looking for large space. I already did the research on how you can get 70% off for your Justcloud purchase, you will be surprised !

Justcloud Pricing & Plan

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4) Any Help / Support

Many users were perplexed there is no phone support or live chat support by the company. Yes, I can double confirm with you, there is none !

So far, this does not bother me much. I won’t waste my time waiting for the live chat to queue and explaining my issue all over again when different support staff is handling my call.

Justcloud Support

Another reason is, Justcloud is providing an excellent product. When there is less case reported, why bother to allocate extra resources ?

Anyhow, Justcloud offer 24/7 technical support via email. Frankly, I prefer email support. Their well trained staff will be able to assist me when I am using their service. Alternatively, you can find solution to your answer via tutorial video, complete FAQ and highly active community. There is how I loved to find the solution.

Download Justcloud, is Free

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Is My Files Safe with Justcloud ?

Before I go further with my Justcloud review there is one question I believe is important to bring up here. Have you wonder is your file safe with Justcloud ? How well is the security ?

Justcloud file protection
File security is definitely a major concern for me when it comes to choosing a cloud storage. I have done some research on Justcloud, I can assure you that they are giving the highest attention in handling file security.

I have even check with their support before I decide to subscribe to them. They are using a high level of security and technology to make sure the data is safe with them. They are protecting it virtually and physically through,

  • AES-256bit encryption on all file transfer and file storage
  • Geo-Redundant Storage to safe guard our data

Keep it simple, AES-256bit encryption is the encryption technology used for banking and military field and your data is being replicated and store in multiple data center to avoid any chances on physical damage happens to the data center

When we talk about to cloud storage security, Justcloud clearly the answer for it. You can be sure that your files are well protected and securely transferred… unless… you leaked your username and password.

Secured Cloud Storage

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What Makes Me Recommend Justcloud ?

Justcloud is recommended for everyone, especially to those personal user. You are able to use it for cross platform such as Android, IOS, Windows Linux, etc and all devices such as desktop, mobile, tablet, etc. The application and mobile apps is well designed and user friendly.

Justcloud cloud storage
Backing up your files has never been easier with Justcloud, it is just like working on your desktop. Remember to get yourself connect to the Net. Same thing goes to restoring your files. You can perform your task a lot easier with your desktop application.

For security issue, you just ned to keep your username and password to yourself. The rest in being well taken care by Justcloud. Your data is encrypted securely while transferring and replicated redundantly throughout data center.

Justcloud is definitely worth your money. With their most popular Premium plan, you can enjoy the decent storage space together with exclusive features.

Overall I am happy and satisfied with Justcloud performance. Having clean, well designed interface, easy to use tools and reliable backup services, in short, Justcloud service is No 1 personal cloud storage.

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What is the best deal offer by JustCloud ?

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