Last Updated: November 1, 2014

5 Tips on Picking Best Cloud Storage ? (must read)

If you landed on this page, probably you are looking for tips to choose suitable cloud storage for yourself… or maybe your company. Have you heard of S – T – A – F – F  before ? That’s my tips for you. Not to worry if you haven’t heard of it before.

Read on… and I will show you more.

Best cloud storage services
We have come from a long way from the days of floppy disc to the hi-tech world today. Making a move to store your files, photos and documents online is one of the smartest choice to keep your data secure without worrying it will lost when your computer or hard drive break down.

It isn’t so hard to choose the cloud storage service and I am sure there are plenty options for you to choose from when you search from the web. You can read all the best cloud storage reviews you found and question you may ask is how to choose the best cloud storage ? I can assure you that there is NO perfect cloud storage service out there. It all down to what your needs is and what the company is offering that meet your requirement.

Questions you should be asking yourself :

Before you decide on anything, you need to make clear what do you need from cloud storage service. Take a pen and write down a few points that matter you the most. If you can’t remember, stay focus on S – T – A – F – F 

So, here is the S – T – A – F – F  tips that gives you an idea when choosing the best cloud storage:

#1 Storage space

[ Do not miss ] – How much storage space do I need ?

This is the number one question you need to ask yourself because this is why you pay for the space and service. Spend a few hours, check on all your hard drives, pen-drives, external drives and cds, you will have an overall picture how many storage space you need to keep your digital life on cloud.

storage space

Spend another few more hours or days, scan through your data and categorize them, if you never do so before. You will be surprised by yourself that you have a lot of redundant data. This is how everyone is doing it, backup another copy just in case the original is corrupted.

#2 Type of files

[ Must do ] – What types of files do I need to keep ?

There are so many files in your computer and types of files that in your top priority list will eventually shortlist the service providers for you. If you are a multimedia lovers, no doubt you need a large capacity to keep all your movies, musics and lyrics. If you are a programmer or using exclusive program for your task, you may want to short list the providers that backup the whole computer settings.file types
If you have no clue on what types of file you frequently using, here is the suggestion for you. Do a little experiment by yourself, for the next couple of days, pay a little bit attention on the files you using on your computer or mobile, you will have a picture of the files you using the most.

#3 Affordable

[ Remember ] – Choose the most affordable plan

Now is time to get to real business, probably you already have chosen THE ONE company that you going to pay them the money. Which plan I should start with ? You do agree with me this is the toughest stage, am I correct ? My recommendation is go for the affordable plan ! You always allow to upgrade your plan down the road.


If you commit yourself to a longer period like 6 months or 1 year, many cloud storage company will offer you special discounts. Savings up to 20% or 30% from normal price, some even up to 70% ! Do keep in mind, some of the company does not have money back guarantee policy but for me I would definitely not going for any plan or company without this.

#4 Features

[ Highlight ] – What the features that matters most to you ?

Moving on forward, now it is time to think deeper, what is the most critical features I want from cloud storage service. Many cloud storage company offer almost similar features and do not differ a lot apart from file sharing capability, unlimited storage spaces, file synchronization and file versioning.

features new

For my case, as I need to collaborate a lot with my colleague, most of the time we need to discuss the work together and make changes on it. File sharing and file versioning features concern me the most. I need a storage services that able to provide easy file sharing steps and able to trace back few versions of my work in just I have made a mistake somewhere. Unlimited storage space also looks cool, I can now store all my movies and musics on the cloud !

#5 Free Trial 

[ Important ] – Get a free trial

As I remembered, I used to download a lot of free trial to experience it. Some of the company offers 30 days to use, some of them offers 14 days or 15 days for the users to experience the service. In my opinion, is not the matter of how long you can use the free trial or how many capacity provided during the trial period, it is the features that you can experience it while you using the trial account. Here is the free trial account that I used.

Cloud Storage Free<br /> Trial

After the free trial expires, you can decide if you like the service and pay to stay with them. Or, if you rather try out another provider. Bear in mind, some of the company may trash your trial account, so don’t keep you real data while trying, a few duplicate files are good enough.

Things to know before you have peace of mind

File security is the features you need to take note for the certain cloud storage company. Most of the company provide a good encryption technology such as 128-bit Blowfish, 256-AES encryption, military-grade encryption or bank-grade encryption. Generally, they are doing a great job, but some may not transfer using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). That is a little down side.

If you feel you need more help in to choose your cloud storage, here is the pc world top 15 cloud storage tips and task, that I recommend you to read.

Find best cloud storage

The last thing to take note is that, I would prefer for a storage company to protect the physical server in good condition. If the server is damage due to natural disaster that would be the end of my life ! Some company offer Geo-Redundant Storage to keep our data safe.

Here is my  S – T – A – F – F tips to help you to decide the cloud storage that best suitable for you. You can now enjoy peace of mind knowing that you important data is well protected by your trusted cloud storage company.

Now, is your turn to tell me what’s your tips for the right cloud storage ?