Last Updated: September 15, 2014

Is Cloud Storage ( REALLY ) Benefits you ?

Have you wonder why cloud storage is important to you ? Does this technology really benefits you ? You may think, I have a few external hard drives with few hundred GBs each and few bunch of free pen-drives that can save my documents to carry around, why do I still need to spend money on cloud storage ?

This may be the doubts that you have when somebody is mentioning about cloud storage benefits. Before I started to research the best cloud storage for myself,  I am having the same doubts like everyone else.


My Reason for Cloud Storage

Everything happen for a reason. Same thing goes with my experience with cloud storage. I am using all those devices like everyone else, I even setup my own, do-it-yourself, backup solution network at home,  until one of my hard drives with Michael Jackson’s song get corrupted and this feels like end of the world to me… really.

Ever since this happening to me, I asked myself, how can I really make sure all my files are well protect? As I kept my life-long photos, musics and important files in digital copy.

If you still doesn’t feel the pain like I did. I am here to share with you a few simple questions that you may overlook in your daily lifestyle:

  • How you going to make sure your hard drives is not corrupted, physically ?
  • It is really convenient to copy and paste every time you updates a file ?
  • Can you really carry all your musics, and photos with you all day long ?

If you have the same experience and doubts as I did, Cloud Storage it the answer that you looking for. Here is my 5 awesome tips on picking the best cloud storage for yourself or maybe your company.

My External Drive Just Corrupted

As I doing my research and reading through forums, I came realized that many people actually are sharing the same pain as I did. You never know when your hard drive is going to corrupt. There is no hint at all. Even though, you have the most reliable hard drive, yet you can’t prevent them from stolen or any kind of natural disaster. Isn’t that all sounds realistic ? This is the risk that that we are facing in our daily lives.

Probably you already know that I have lost my Michael Jackson’s songs. Now, I just upload all my musics and photos to cloud storage and I feel safe ! I need not worry about hardware failure anymore, all I need to worry now is where can I get back my Michael Jackson’s collections !

I Need to Access My Files Anywhere I go

It is vital for me to be able to access my files no matter where I go, be it working or personal. I collaborate a lot with my seniors, every time I need show him the work that I have done from home, I need to copy the file into a pen-drive or email a copy to my mail box. When I back to office, I need to plug in the pen-drive to copy and paste or download from my mail box. Trust me, it looks so stupid to do it in front of others and it is just not productive.

With cloud storage, there is this sync functionality where you can overcome this frustration. What you did from home or office, you just need to put inside the sync folder and you can access to same copy anywhere you go. This is convenient and yet productive enough ! You can even keep track the files versions too !

I Love Movies and Musics

I would loved to access to my multimedia library every time I am working overseas. It just make me feel comfortable and relax when I am able to get in touch with my personal thing whenever I am at a strange place. Before I subscribe to Cloud Storage, I just have to copy some musics and movies to my laptop one day before I go working aboard. If I missed it, my trip could be a boring one.

Cloud Storage enable you to live stream all your movies and musics from web. So, you won’t missed it, this is really my savior. I can just copy my movies and musics collection that I’ve bought onto the cloud storage. The best thing is I can even access them from any devices and platforms ! I can even share them with my friends easily ! You need a lot storage capacity if you were to store your multimedia files on cloud. Here is the secret how you can get unlimited cloud storage.

5 Top Reasons That Cloud Storage Benefits You

I bet you have heard enough of my reason for switching my entire storage solution from physical hardware to cloud. If you still need more reasons, by now you shouldn’t, I have group them into 5 major points:

#1 Your hardware might not be there forever.

There are plenty of chances that your hardware might gone failure. I am not only referring to your hard drive. Any possible hardware failure could cost you lost your data forever, for an example: electric short circuit on you computer can damage your hard disk. If your data is stored in the cloud, you won’t need to worry anymore about hardware failure.

#2 Cloud storage can increase your productivity.

With all the great features such as file sync, file versioning, access your files anywhere, files streaming, etc. For sure, you can 100% increase your productivity. In fact, you are using one of the cloud storage without you notice yourself. Web email is a very good example, you can access or safe your attachment in mailbox. Just that cloud storage is providing better features. Here, you can get the free cloud storage.

#3 Cloud storage can save you a lot of money.

The cost of subscribing to cloud storage is cheap compare to the hardware cost that you may invest to protect your data. If you are in business, unplanned IT downtime can cost you $5k per minute. Cloud storage can make sure your data is available all the time and this can brings up your business image and credibility.

#4 Your files are well-protect in the cloud, not to worry being hijacked.

Your files in the cloud is protect within the server farm. Providers are implementing layers of protection such as anti-virus, malware protection, firewall, etc to make sure their client data are well protected. Data encryption is being introduce before and during the data transmission from your computer to server. These factors is clearly offering higher security than, say, a pen-drive that might get access easily if is stolen.

#5 It is more environment friendly to put your files in the cloud.

Internet giant Google has calculated that an SME can lower its energy usage by 65% – 85% simply by switching to the cloud, here is how cloud computing save the world. Just by a simple decision of where to put your files, everybody can contribute to greener environment and safe our world.

Where to Start

I believe Cloud Storage will become one of the major component if you work a lot in digital way. Cloud storage service proven to do a great job in backed up, manage and safe guard your data. By exploring yourself to Cloud Storage, it will make your life a lot easier.

If you have different input about Cloud Storage please share with me ! Or visit here, as I am offering the free cloud storage to you.