Last Updated: September 14, 2014

Hidden Secret of Justcloud Storage Space

Justcloud Storage Space And Sync Space ? Any Difference ?

Is backup and sync the same thing ? Nope. There are totally two different things !

Backup will take an image of your file and upload to the server for safe keeping. In case you have lost the file and need to retrieve back, you can always download it from the control panel or via desktop application. Sync allow you to synchronize the changes of the same file between multiple computers. Syncing actually mirrors a folder on one computer to another.

Sync SpaceCloud Storage and Sync

In Justcloud, you are given backup space and sync space for every plan that you subscribe. Justcloud offers you unlimited backup space, not unlimited sync space. You are allow to backup all your stuff from one computer to Justcloud storage space. You have unlimited space for all your files. However, the sync space that allow for you is limited. Sync space is separate from storage space.

In Justcloud, you are given:

  • 15MB free sync space when you sign up the free account.
  • 1GB free sync space if you subscribe to the servive.

With Justcloud, you are able to sync files across unlimited of devices but it just allows you to backup one computer. You can connect multiple devices such as tablet, phone and laptop using same account. In result, you are able to access the same files no matter which device you going to use.

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Backup Network Drives, Pen Drive or External Storage

I store some of my files in external hard drive and some in my network drive, does Justcloud backup them as well ?

This probably the biggest questions all of us are having right now. Some of you may have a network storage setup at home or storing huge piece of data at external hard drive, and this question worry you much.

Home Network Storage

Justcloud can simply give you an answer to this. If you are keeping your files on a Network drive or there is data locate on a NAS drive that you want to backup, you can do so. You need to mapped the network drive to your local computer and do the backup as usual.


If you need to automatic or scheduled backups your Network Drive, you need to purchase to add-on service. There is a fee of 99.95 per year if you want to backup your files from any network drive.

For any external hard drive that you need to backup automatic or scheduled, you need to purchased add-on service. For any external drive up to 500GB, the fee is $39.95 per year, anything more than that is $79.95 per year. Take note that you need to keep your external hard drive connected throughout the whole backup process.

If you are backing up from a USB drive which is 16GB lesser, there is no any further charges.

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If you not willing to pay extra, like me, here is the secret way to do it. You can use drag and drop feature to backup all your files from network drive or external drive. Cool right ? Although is a little bit more steps involves, it save money. The best thing I found out that, drag and drop will not limit your file size.

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