Last Updated: September 27, 2014

How Cloud Storage Works ?

Nowadays, we need hard disk with large storage space. Many individuals, need few more external drives to store their files even a SAN storage is not enough for multimedia purpose. For these people, looking for larger capacity of storage to store all the data they’ve accumulated over the years or years to come can seem like on-going mission.

Over the time, numbers of files and documents in a computer has increased a lot especially for corporate user. Until a time a company need to invest more to keep their digital files. An alternative is necessary to store files in different geo-location for safety reason, and infrastructure enhancement such as mobile access while on to go is needed, not to forget, the security. A solution is then needed, in critical manner, to solve this issue in cost savings way.

Cloud Storage Network
The word Cloud Storage is the metaphor for Internet world. Cloud storage came in as backup service and data management purpose. All the digital informations are kept in a place full of computers. This computers warehouse, called data center, is equipped with Internet accessibility and security to make sure the safety and privacy of your files. Data center can be locate in many different places, depending on your provider. Sometimes, they keep in many places physically to avoid failure, we called it data redundancy.

Cloud Storage is the solutions to storage space. Individual or company that working on terabytes of data will see this as alternative to their external hard drive. Cloud storage provider is charging relatively a low monthly fee for their storage space and services, depending on the plan that you choose. User can backup all their files to the online provider without worrying the storage space anymore. You can access your files via mobile devices and any computers as long as you have Interent connections. No more platform compatibility issue, even you can upload or download your file using any web browser.

Besides solving your problem on storage space, you may worry about others things as well such as security. Cloud storage provider emphasize a lot on their effort to protect your files. Data is often encrypted while transferring to the data center to avoid being read by malicious third parties. You can rest assure that your data will kept save from any computer hardware failure and other possibility that may cause your life long data to be lost forever. If you still not convinced about cloud storage, read the article here.
Cloud Storage Security

Advantages of Cloud Storage

  • A secure and reliable method to keep your data
  • A cost saving method to protect your growing data
  • Files can be retrieved remotely
  • No need additional hardware installation
  • Crossed platform and devices to access your files
  • Is easy to share files with friends and family
  • Set file permission while collaborating with co-worker
  • No need to worry about any¬†hardware failure
  • Data encryption to increase file security

Risk of Cloud Storage

  • Require Internet connectivity to access your data
  • Data is store on third party server
  • There is no legal to protect your data in case the company close down the business
  • Rich resources for hackers and national security agents

Personally, I very much suggest individual or entrepreneur to subscribe to cloud storage service, cause this is the future of the Internet world. Highly mobility and accessibility is vital to keep daily lives in pace to compete with others. If you not sure how to choose your cloud storage, here is a few suggestions you can look into it.