Last Updated: September 14, 2014

How Secretly Justcloud Handle Your Files

How the storage provider is handling files is something everyone, including me, have to know about it. How reliable are they ? After some research from the web and asking their support via email. Here are something I would like to share with you.

Where do Justcloud Actually Keep My files ?

As you might already know or heard from someone that Justcloud is reliable, but how reliable  or any solid prove support this statement ? For months, Justcloud has invest time and money to develop the most secure, fast and stable storage infrastructure for users.
Justcloud is partnering with Google Cloud Storage to utilize their robust comprehensive and reliable storage server. Google Cloud Storage boasts some of the most impeccable performance and versatility level around today, their highly trusted services are yet to lose a single file.

For physical server location, none of us know where is the exact location that Google safe guard their server. Our data is store and replicate in multiple data center across America and Europe that are geographically distributed for greater availability.

Just some reason why Justcloud is partnering with Google Cloud Storages:

  • Near 99.9% or better up-time consistently delivered
  • Geo-Redundant data replication system
  • Multi-part upload; user upload is resumable

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Will Justcloud trash my files ?

There is nothing to worry about for the safety of your files after you have upload to Justcloud Storage. Even you accidentally deleted the original from your computer, it has no effect whatsoever on the backup that reside in your cloud storage. Unless, you choose to delete it via control panel then the file will be permanently trashed and no way it can be recovered.

However, if you need to have another insurance to protect such a mis-deleting action, there is a Recycle Bin service offer to protect it. Any files or folders that you delete will go into a recycle bin a duration of 30 days before is being permanently deleted. You have another 30 days buffer to save your files from hell.

How Justcloud backup my file if I am using it ?

As you scheduled your backup to perform at a certain period of time, have you wonder, how Justcloud able to securely backup your file while you are using it ? Justcloud utilize Volume Shadow Service (VSS) to backup all the files that are in-use.
Same thing goes to those file that are locked. If you have a files or folders that required password to access, Volume Shadow Service could play an important role to help you to backup those files. You will need to enable the VSS at selected drive before you can benefit from this service.

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