Last Updated: November 11, 2014

Justcloud Bandwidth Limit And Backup Speed

For a decent experience on smooth and fast backup, there are 2 things a cloud storage provider must take into consideration:

  • Backup speed, and
  • Bandwidth limitation

Many users will overlook these factors when they are choosing their backup. I am here to give you the insider review about Justcloud bandwidth and the backup speed. I can assure you that, you will be surprise for what you getting from Justcloud.

How does bandwidth impact a user experience’s on the Internet same goes with backing up your files to the cloud.

Justcloud Bandwidth Limit

Justcloud bandwidth limit

At Justcloud they did not impose any bandwidth limit on their user.  If your ISP provides a decent speed for uploading files, I am sure that you will enjoy using Justcloud as your cloud storage solution. As a partner of Google, Justcloud is utilizing the most advance level of technology in Google data center to offer the fastest backup experience possible to their user.

Justcloud Backup Speed

Usually it take longer time to complete your initial backup (first time backup) especially when you are backing up a lifetime of photos, documents and musics. It depends on the size of your data and also how fast in your Internet connection uploading speed. Once you are done with your initial backup, any future backups just take you minutes if not seconds.

Justcloud backup speed

Justcloud is using incremental backup method which allow you to upload a small pieces of data for any changes to existing backup document. This is very useful if you accessing to limited bandwidth. This is the key of giving you ability for faster backup.

Justcloud Backup Settings

Justcloud is using incremental backup method to backup your files. Here is the screen shot for the settings.

Justcloud Incremental Backup

I am here to give you a reminder. If your initial backup includes large files such as musics and photos, you have to allow your backup to run for some times, depends on your upload speed. Turn off any sleep settings on your computer and make sure your power supply is on during your first backup !

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