Last Updated: November 10, 2014

Justcloud Find My Computer

Oh My Gosh ! My computer is stolen !!

Can Justcloud Help me to Find My Computer ?

Justcloud is not just a storage company to protect your data, they also provide an unique function to locate your computer. Not to worry about your files even though your computer or laptop has been stolen. Your files are safe in the cloud.

If this unfortunate incident happened to you, Justcloud will help you to track your computer’s location based on the IP address. This exclusive function is one of the unique features offer by Justcloud. No extra cost needed.

All you need to do is login to your Justcloud account and turn on mapping, you are able to see where is your computer last reported location. The location of your computer is updated hourly, so you can precisely locate your computer last know location. Justcloud find my computer is a helpful feature, you can pass this information to Police Department, if necessary.

With your new device, your file can be fully restored. Just install the app on your new computer and click the restore button. Your files will be restored in the exact same structure they were backed up in. All is done at no extra cost.


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