Last Updated: September 12, 2014

Justcloud Summary Chart

>> Unlimited Backup Storage Spaceimage_available>> Restore Deleted Filesimage_available>> Edit Document Onlineimage_not_available
>> Share Files and Foldersimage_available>> Scheduled Backupimage_available>> 100% Compatibilityimage_available
>> 100% Automatedimage_available>> Drag and Drop Supportimage_available>> Incremental Backupimage_available
>> File / Folder Sharingimage_available>> Desktop Applicationimage_available>> Web File Accessimage_available
>> Sync Multiple Computersimage_available>> Sync Files / Folderimage_available>> File Versioningimage_available
>> Access Anytime, Anywhereimage_available>> Encrypted & Secureimage_available>> No Bandwith Limitimage_available
>> Restore Multiple Devicesimage_available>> Resume After Interruptionimage_available>> Desktop Syncimage_available

PlanPriceSpaceFree Trial Details
Free$015MBimage_availableTry Now
Home$6.95/mo75GBimage_availableTry Now
Premium$7.95/mo250GBimage_availableTry Now
Unlimited$9.95/moUnlimitedimage_availableTry Now

>> Windowsimage_available>> Iphoneimage_available>> Ipadimage_available
>> Macimage_available>> Androidimage_available>> Blackberryimage_available
>> Linuximage_available>> Windows Mobileimage_available>> Kindle Fireimage_not_available

>> 256-bit Encryptionimage_available>> SSL Secure Data Transferimage_available>> Storage Encryptedimage_available
>> Multilevel File Securityimage_available>> Support FTP Accessimage_available>> Secure File Upload and Downloadimage_available
>> User Generate Encryption Keyimage_not_available>> Geo-Redundant Storageimage_available>> Continuous Automatic Backupimage_available

>> Chat Supportimage_not_available>> Email Supportimage_available>> Phone Supportimage_not_available
>> Blog / Knowledgeimage_available>> Tutorialimage_available>> Comminityimage_available

Justcloud Free Account

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Grab Justcloud free account today, Is absolutely FREE !

Justcloud is a simple to use cloud storage service. It offers many features like file versioning, file sharing and automated synchronized backup that are very useful in our daily activities. Justcloud emphasized a lot on cloud storage security to ensure the data is stored safely and well encrypted in server. The company direction has bring cloud storage to a much greater extent.

Justcloud offers a simple to understand subscription plan to user. You just need to subscribe according to your capacity needs although Justcloud offers unlimited backup storage plan. You can access the full features of Justcloud no matter which plan you choose. Justcloud allows users to share files via email, social network and customized link. It has a user-friendly interface that need not training at all.

Justcloud offers 24/7 technical support with well-trained staff. You can reached them via email. Justcloud has no compatibility issue with operating system and hardware devices. Justcloud is using automated, scheduled backup. You can customized your own backup schedule. Users can enjoy the simple drag and drop interface offered by Justcloud. You can enjoy 14 days free trial period with full access of its features.

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