Last Updated: September 17, 2014

Justcloud Terms of Service

In the article, I will share with you the Terms of Service by Justcloud. Please bear in mind that this is not the full agreement but just a few points which, in my opinion, may concern many of us. Go here if you have more than enough time to read their terms of service in details.


File Protection

Justcloud will backup everything from your computer after you scheduled them inside your backup option. Thus, you need to monitor your own computer from any possible kind of attack by installing anti-virus software, updating your application, protect your files with password and not to permit third party access to your computer. This is because Justcloud merely a storage company that backup your files. You should monitor your files that no longer usable due to corruption from virus, software malfunctions or other causes, otherwise, this might result in your restoring files that no longer usable.

File protection is important factor in cloud storage, and Justcloud has promised to deliver the complete protection to users file. Justcloud is partnering with one of the giant company in Internet world to make sure users’ files are well-protected.

Retention or Deletion of Backup Data

Justcloud only able to restore files that are backup completely. When a file is transferred to Justcloud server, it will be scanned for any changes or additions to these files. An encrypted copy of a modified or newly designated file will creates periodically in this case. If your files has not backed up completely or changes have been made on your data but not yet been transferred completely, you will not be able to restore your files in full.

Anyway, should your data be lost by Justcloud, the company will undertake commercial reasonable efforts to create a replacement backup from the files stored on your computer. As Justcloud doesn’t keep a secondary copy of your data that have transferred to the servers.

Justcloud Scheduled Backup

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Account Termination and Charges

Justcloud will impose termination charges if you stop your service before your contract due. When you sign up for a minimum term service, the costs of that service are spread across the team period. Discounts and any fees are also included in the agreed service costs. Early termination charges are applied to cover the costs of service provided to you over the minimum contract period. Early termination Fee will be 14.95 for failure to complete your contract term.

However, there is still exemptions:

  • All monthly plans are void of any terminations fees
  • Contract extension for same product
  • Product migration, to upgrade to higher value product
  • Account termination less than 3 days from order date

You should know that Justclod may block your access to your Backup data and/or terminate your use if Justcloud reasonably believes that the Backup Data may contain child pornography or is being used to support other types of illegal activities.

Justcloud Free Account

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Customer Support

Justcloud provided 24/7 support service during the agreed subscription. Support service may only be available through certain channel such as email, telephone or screen sharing session, in some cases. In conjunction, Justcloud may need to use variety of tools during the troubleshooting process to resolve your issue. There is a situation that the programs, files, information or data that you restore required license keys that you need to retain yourself.

Customer support will not assist you on any configurations on your program, application and utilities that restored to your computer. Justcloud is restoring the data that you keep on the servers but not the configurations, settings and passwords.

Data collection, encryption, privacy and disclosure

Justcloud will collect and use Personal Information in accord with the terms of Justcloud Privacy Policy. All the content are encrypted before transmitted to Justcloud data center. Although Justcloud have the ability to decrypt the data files, Justcloud will not do that unless under certain situation permitted by law.

Secured Cloud Storage

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Justcloud Contact Information

Should you have any questions or comments regarding their Terms of Service, please contact Justcloud at support[at] After all the highlighted terms, do you still find Justcloud suitable for you ?