Last Updated: September 14, 2014

More Secret About Justcloud Review

I am sure that there are things about Justcloud Storage that you wish to know more before you decide to purchase their services. No doubt that the things that I have covered in Justcloud Review page more to general things.  Here I am going to dig further into Justcloud Storage, I am sure there are secrets that you wish to understand…

How do you perform Justcloud Backup ?

What Justcloud perform is automatic, scheduled backup. You can scheduled the time that is suitable for you maybe every weekend or 21th of every month to launch your backup. It is so flexible to set your own backup scheduled. By default, Justcloud will perform your backup daily.
Justcloud Schedule Backup

If you need to perform your backup hourly, you need to upgrade the service. In my opinion, I don’t find it necessary to backup hourly. Most people will find daily backup is sufficient for their needs and so do I.

Justcloud Scheduled Backup

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Is There Any Limitation on File Size ? Restriction on File Type ?

Under Justcloud standard settings, you can perform automatic, or scheduled backup for a single file that not exceed 1GB in file size.  Most of us is enough for 1GB  file size limit. However, you may request to purchase the limit up to 5GB but i think is just waste of money.
Justcloud file restriction

Well, pretty much you can backup everything in Justcloud. You can even backup executable file (.exe). Most of the provider excluded in by default. Justcloud set is as standard for every plan. If you need to excluded certain file types, you can add them into the list too, so, backup will automatically ignore the file with such extension.

Restriction and Limitation

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More Drag and Drop Feature

Justcloud is the first company to offer Drag and Drop to an application for instant backup. You just need to drag any files from your computer onto Justcloud desktop application, a window will then appear showing that the file is immediately backing up.

You are given a shortcut for instant file backup; by right clicking on a file and using the Justcloud context menu to send to ‘Instant Backup’ and you are well done !
Justcloud Instant Backup

Drag and drop feature perform instant backup for :

  • File from computer to Application
  • File from computer to Web Browser

justcloud drag and drop PCjustcloud drag and drop Mac
Justcloud drag and drop to web application

justcloud drag and drop
Justcloud drag and drop to web browser

No matter where you do your work, you able to access the same version of files when you back home !

More Justcloud Features

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File Versioning

Justcloud keep track all your files version every time you backup. You can locate all your previous versions of files after you log into your control panel and click My Backups to locate your file. Hover over the file name and click where the ‘Version’ link appears. This will bring up a pop-up box containing all available versions of the files for you to download should you need to.

In Justcloud, users are given access to the last 7 versions of a file.  This is actually enough for a normal user to keep trace back their file history. If you need to view keep every single version of file, you need to upgrade your Justcloud account.

Justcloud File Versions

Justcloud do not delete your files, it  will remain safe and keep forever in their server once you backup with them. Even if you are trial account, after a certain time or have any input on the up-keep of your account, your files still remain with them. The only way a file can be deleted is by user themselves through control panel.

Justcloud File Versioning

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How Justcloud manage file sharing ?

Justcloud make it simple for you when it comes to file collaboration and sharing. You can create a public access link to share your file or folder. Alternatively, you can share files through your own custom link. If you are a social media geek, you can invite them via Facebook or Twitter by giving them the private custom link.

Justcloud file sharing social media

Justcloud file sharing email

You can also limit the sharing space depending on the permission level you allowed them to have on your account. Your friend will able to access the files like how you did without to worry about devices and platform compatibility issue.

Justcloud Free Account

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