Last Updated: September 14, 2014

Pros and Cons of Using Justcloud

pros and cons

Justcloud is a company that is an affiliate of Just Develop it, a brands that develop wide range of products and valuable service to their customers. Justcloud doest not offer a lot of frills on their services, although their pricing is reasonable and most affordable among others cloud storage providers. Their solutions is ideal for those who running a small business or entrepreneurs as well as personal use.

If you follow closely to Justcloud, you will find their plan is simple to understand. They offer the full features to all their customers at a very low price. You can choose your plan according to the storage space you need. Certainly, there are a lot of add-on services that you need to purchase, but many of those are not necessary. Cause, they already cover the basic.

What you can expect from Justcloud Storage

Justcloud is online storage company that backup all your files and store them in a safe place. You can easily access it anytime, anywhere using any devices or share it with your friends.

Imagine when you wake up  in a Hotel, you can just access your sync folder to listen to the music that you been listing everyday. After check-out, you are going to meet your customer and show them the document that you did in your office yesterday. No need to carry a computer with you, just login to your account and  download from the control panel.  After the meeting, you stop by have a beer, you bump into your ex, let’s have a picture and share it privately to your buddy. Justcloud is simply useful to keep your files and integrate to your daily lifestyle.

If you are still new in the cloud storage world, I advice you to take advantage of the free trial account by Justcloud. This is for you to experience their service yourself before committing to their plan.

Cloud Storage Features

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Pros and Cons about Justcloud

After spending some times trying their service , testing on their features and gathered some review by real customers online, here are the list that I came out for you to weighing on the pros and cons of Justcloud storage. Which I believe, can help you to have a clearer picture and decide if the service is worth for your money.


  • They offer unlimited cloud storage to users.
  • Is secure and reliable since they are partnering with Google Cloud Storage
  • They provide 24 /7 customer support through email.
  • Useful features such as Drag and drop backup, find your lost laptop.
  • They support multiple devices and multiple operating system.
  • Is easy to share files via link or social media platform.
  • It comes with user-friendly control panel.
  • Can easily restore your files to any computer.
  • Their plan is cheap and valued for your money.


  • They do not provide telephone support.
  • You need to purchase add-ons to enhance the services.

What Users Say about the Justcloud Online Storage

I can assure you that there is no 100% positive comment or 100% negative comment for a product. If the features offered by the provider meets your needs and solve your problem and the charges is reasonable, I think you already found yourself a suitable product.
user comment

Below are some of the real comments from real users that I able to capture for you:

” just wanted to say your service is awesome, and by far the cheapest!” – Tom Jackson

“JustCloud is fast. But you need to sign up for the more expensive package to take advantage of the unlimited storage feature.”

“Am going to enjoy using this software for my laptop and keeping things backed up and protected” – Angela Archuleta

“250 GB storage under 30 bucks a year? I’m in. AND 1 GB extra, every month.” – Mana Kultras

Justcloud Free Account

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Final Verdict

If you working on a document to share with your colleague or perhaps a mobile device to access your music library while you in subway, or maybe sharing the photo you just took with your family, then Justcloud Storage works just perfect for you. No “techy” stuff involved as the features is user friendly even my grandmother knows how to use it. Justcloud allows you to choose the amount of storage you need to backup your stuff.

For those who is working on large database such as e commerce platform or those who need to backup entire company’s data, this may not be for you. Justcloud is not suitable for those who looking for dedicated backup server too.

Surely, you will find a plan that able to meet your needs and work great in your daily lifestyle when it comes to backing up your file in your computer. Justcloud is giving away a secret 70% off discount to their user.